Wilson a daycare provider and one of the few playable male characters of the dash series.


Diapers & Dash

In his first appearance, Wilson was an employee for Rubber Ducky Inc. an offshoot corporation of Big, seeing the pain the baby was going through with being tested for baby toys, Wilson went into the prohibited zone to pick up the baby and was promptly fired by Mr. Big as a result.

Drowning his sorrows in chocolate milkshakes at Flo's, Wilson was talking to Flo about how bad his situation extended, forced to move in to his Sister's basement and taking care of his Nephew, Flo was the catalyst for Wilson's first diaper dashing adventures. More and more as Wilson progressed, he soon became a popular daycare for babies but each time he ran out of space for the little destructive tykes. He rented a small house and expanded into a double home he rented from from Colin. Flo then gave the keys to a home aquarium to Wilson for a bigger space daycare and he soon bought a mansion for a the ultimate daycare.

Wilson got a call from Mr. Big his former employer, who had been watching his progress by his other daycare employees, he then proposed to him coming back and promised to triple his salary. Wilson, not being bought by this lure, proceeded to heroically tell off Mr. Big and high-five Flo.

Special Delivery

In Avenue Flo Special Delivery, which was also Wilson's first voice over, Flo needed Wilson to repair to the Gourmet Puree machine that was broken, using a loose gear found near the bike rental, Wilson fixed the food machine with ease, he also helped Flo out with making jars of baby food from the machine. Wilson also has dental floss, which is needed in a string (no pun intended) of events that lead to the making of cookies.


Wilson is a free-thinking happy-go-lucky scientist and daycare worker, and at first is nervous and depressed due to the events of the first comic panel of Diaper Dash. He is always running around for the babies in his care and tries to prevent anything bad happening to them, he can become nervous and wrecked if something bad does happen, in one instance, Wilson has a dream where one of the babies around him and touched something radioactive but could not prevent it due to him being passed out.


Wilson wears a clean white lab coat with a yellow shirt and red tie to symbolize him being a scientist and inventor, he also wears blue pants and brown shoes, he has round brown hair that spikes in some places and he wears glasses to give off his nerdy appearance. In one instance, a guy in a tooth mascot suit described him as a "Goofy looking guy with glasses" to Flo.