Uncle Charles is a character of Wedding Dash 2.


Wedding Dash 2

Charles DinerTown Tycoon

Charlie in DinerTown Tycoon

Charles is introduced in Wedding Dash 2, replacing Al as the starting uncle with a goofy dance,

Charles in WD2

Charles is patient, eats fast and is highly liked because of his wealth and friendly attitude. Charles dances by thrusting his body in a v-like movement while simultaneously moving his arms.

DinerTown Tycoon

In DinerTown Tycoon, Charles is introduced in Champagne Falls and will eat meals with Saffron, Lecithin, and Gold Dust. He will reward the player with $1000 for luring him away from Grub Burger.


Charles wears a grey coat and white shirt with a red polka dotted tie, he wears dark blue pants and black shoes on the lower part of his body. He has white skin and has brown-going-on-grey hair with a round tuft at top, he is slightly older than most adult guests.

The incarnation of Charles in DinerTown Tycoon makes him look much younger, removing most facial features and making his suit and hair light brown.


Charles is a very friendly man who is filthy stinking rich, his wealth and friendly demeanor has garnered him a very good reputation and popularity among citizens.