Uncle Bob is an exclusive guest of Wedding Dash.


Wedding Dash

Uncle Bob

Robert usually puts his hand into his coat pocket.

In Wedding Dash, Bob is introduced in the second venue, he is impatient, eats REALLY fast and is mildly popular with people, most of the time people don't like him due to his snobbish attitude. He also loves to dance and does "The Twist".

Wedding Dash 2

Uncle Bob returns in Wedding Dash 2, he is introduced early in the second level of the Finland Venue and is still the same person he always was. In some levels it is required to feed him immediately to keep the chaining going.


Bob wears a dark green suit with a red tie and jet black pants and shoes, along with tanned skin and orange hair.


Robert is a high society snob who is incredibly wealthy and makes sure other people know about it, this has given him a low popular status among others, although some people do like him. Bob loves dancing and eats quickly so he can get to the dance floor.