The Train is the second restaurant of Flo on the Go. It is a bar on one of the train carriages and is constantly on the move.



The Train's entrance points on the map

After Flo and Darla finished up on the Cruiseship, they decided to head to the grand central station and go on a Train, Flo left her new suitcase on the taxi, and was immediately depressed as a result. Seeing the poor management on the train, Flo & Darla decided to help out like on the cruiser. Finishing up the ride, Flo and Darla departed, and saw an ad for a Submarine ride...



The Train's Bar

As a train, the restaurant is sideways, with the shelves, counter and kitchen on one side of the wall. The train is surpisingly enormous compared to Flo and the customers, there is also a pair of passenger seats near the corner along with a piano. As Flo & Darla go along, they can pick more scenic upgrades.


  • Flo - Waitress and Pianist
  • Darla - Chef
  • Hostess - Podium Hostess
  • Busboy - Cleaner
  • Drink Server - Drinks
  • Understaffed Waiters - Waiters