The Submarine is the 3rd restaurant of Flo on the Go, it is underwater and has a constant view of sea life.



The Submarine's Restaurant wing.

After Flo and Darla had their fill on the Train, they decided to hitch an undersea

The coral reef in the background of the ocean

adventure on a Submarine, however, the bag boys on the train mixed up the luggage, and Flo's suitcase was off on the railways. Bummed once again, the headed for the restaurant to grab some grub, and for the third time, they saw the under managed staff. Flo and Darla decided to help once again. They also enjoyed the sea experience. When they finished, they headed for a Blimp on takeoff.



The entrance points of the Submarine.

As a submarine, the decoration and restaurant supply is that of marine life and

The Helmet decoration choice.

water-elements. In the restaurant, the floor is dark blue with several scribbling of turtle outlines. The decor upgrades can be used to make the place more fancy or ocean-related. On the outside the submarine is golden and extremely huge, with several floors and an enormous scope.


  • Flo - Waitress
  • Darla - Chef
  • Hostess - Podium Hostess
  • Busboy - Cleaner
  • Drink Server - Drinks
  • Mermaiden Harpist - Entertainment