The entrance points of the Rocket.

The Rocketship is the final restaurant of Flo on the Go. It travels through space and sleeps underneath the sea in a crescent island seen from the Cruiseship.



The Counter upgrade for the Rocket

After soaring the skies of DinerTown's edge, Flo and Darla dropped down on the Blimp return pad, where they

The crescent island where the Rocket lays dormant.

were soon greeted by the captain of the Cruiseship, who revealed he owned all the vacation vehicles they were on, and was shocked by their amazing abilities that he wanted to hire them for his newest plan, the Rocketship! After completing 10 messy, long intergalactic shifts in space, Flo and Darla requested some real vacation time in the rocket's zero-gravity play room, where they were finally able to enjoy their vacation.



The Drink Station for the Rocket

The rocket is a tower beauty of metal and mechanics, the insides are incredibly large, and

The Computer Control Decoration.

one wing is dedicated to the restaurant of the rocket. There is also a zero-gravity playroom. On the outside the rocket looks like a typical tube rocket with sharp edges and a pole on the roofing, it stands on an elevation pad in the middle of a crescent island. As Flo & Darla go along, they can buy upgrades themed to the rocket.

Flo has a robot that can help her take up to four items at a time. All the customers are teleported to the restaurant.


  • Flo - Waitress
  • Darla - Cook
  • Busboy - Cleaner
  • Drink Server - Drinks
  • Alien Horn Player - Entertainment