DinerDashTT podium1
The Podium is a piece of equipment used in all 5 diner dash games. The podium is the most important piece of equipment in the entire series, and is what will help you achieve expert.

Diner Dash

The Podium was first seen in Flo's Tiki Place. Unlike the other podiums it was sliver instead of brown. The meter on the front is also very big. In Endless Shift the podium can also be used in junction with the Mime to keep customers happy.

Diner Dash 2 Restaurant Rescue

The podium first appears in Tony's Pizzeria with its newer design of looking slimmer and more brown wooded. There is a special glitch that allows you to use the podium after you have already used it, by clicking on it right after it is used. The podium can be teamed with the bench.

Diner Dash 3 Flo On The Go

The podiums appears in the Train and then makes appearances in the next restaurants. The podium does not change and is still vital in getting expert.

Diner Dash 4 Hometown Hero

The podium first appeared in the Diner At Homerun Park. In this version and the gourmet edition restaurants, the podium is much slower, but an equipment upgrade can make it a tiny bit faster, customers in the line are now more vital than ever due to this.

Diner Dash 5 Boom!

In Boom! The podium can be accessed at the first restaurant and can be upgraded 2 times, each upgrade changes the podium's appearance and how much mood it heals. If you hire her for the day, Karma will stand at the podium and keep all the customers in line happy. Karma's help is vital.