Museum Grill is the third restaurant of Hometown Hero.


After Flo & Grandma's 2nd quest was finished, they drove to the museum to enjoy some history but like their previous visited spots, the museum was in a state of decay and the janitor was also the waiter, chef and even the curator. Not allowing herself to sit back, she picked up her apron once again and began building more funds for the visiting tourists.

After their adventure was over they were present at the grand re-opening of the museum and drove away to one final location.


The Museum Grill is a section of the museum that has a great view of the many attractions and exhibits in front of the restaurant, like all restaurants of the game it can be upgraded fashionally and efficiently. As the restaurant goes on more and more people will appear in the background.


  • Flo - Waitress
  • Grandma Florence - Chef
  • Lone Museum Janitor - Janitor, Chef, Curator