The Hot Shots only appeared in the first Diner Dash game once you reach 4-7 in Chez Flo. This is the only game they ever appeared in.


The Hot Shot had only appeared in the original Diner Dash and the 2009 version. He's one of the rarest customers in the entire series.


The Hot Shot is always shown wearing a full business suit with slicked back hair. His skin is a palish tan, though he appears lighter in the 2009 version on the Xbox.


The Hot Shot is described as a cool person with a smug smile on his face. He is very patient in line, but he'll expect fast service as soon as he's seated. He doesn't display any visible anger when he loses patience at the table, as if trying to keep his cool.


  • Though the Hot Shot has seemingly vanished from the Dash universe, it's speculated that he simply transitioned into the Cellphone Addict.
  • The Tourists can be considered the first to reincorporate the Hot Shot's patience mechanic.