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Mr. Buxton Big, is the villainous, two-faced and misunderstood owner of Big Corp, his company.


Early Life

A younger Mr. Big in his desolate theme park

In the early years of his life, Mr. Big was raised as a wealthy person who dreamed of running his own amusement park, going to business school and graduating and reading a "How to run a theme park" book, he borrowed a large amount of his father's money, his dream was crushed when he saw how it turned out.

Mr. Big is scared and unsure of what to do.

He then spotted Flo, and begged for her help. Helping the begging big junior, Flo, with her grandma's assistance was able to restore the park to make it bigger and better. Mr. Big thanked Flo for her help, but this kindness would soon disappear in his older years.

Mega Multiplex Food Plaza Plan

Mr. Big, now a big, bad corporate leader set out to destroy the restaurants of Flo's friends, Flo, being there to stop his evil plans, was able to accumulate the money for Mr. Big's plots of land the restaurants were rented from. Mr. Big, having lost the battle was setting out to retire, but Flo appeared to him at the last minute and proposed her plan to him, turning the Big Corp lounge into Flo's Lounge, Flo was able to open Mr. Big's eyes to the little waiters and restaurants.

Boom of Destruction

This lesson did not help Mr. Big and he made a change of heart, going back to being a bad person, he sets up a plan to destroy Flo's Diner, and told her that he had the rights to any land that goes unused for a week, but Flo and Cookie managed on, going through DinerTown, they successfully completed the diner with Hal the Hungryman's. Mr. Big threw lawyers and a recoup plan in their faces, but they won, and in a humorous moment of karma, Mr. Big's Big Corp was destroyed the same way Flo's Diner was, by thousands of desperate customers due to a malfunction sign.

Avenue Flo

At some point in his adulthood, he got married and have Vicky. In both editions of the game, Mr. Big always appear to ask Quinn about the elaborate requests made by Vicky to ensure her marriage and later her baby shower goes smoothly.

Diner DASH Adventures

While Flo was way on the show Cooking DASH, Mr. Big is back to his corporate ways and sends his newly hired goons to wreck DinerTown. He seems hot-wired on making profits.


Mr. Big is a the classic grouchy, cunning and bald headed business owner, he has more villainous moments than his good moments, and these often blow up in his face when his plans don't succeed. Mr. Big wasn't always the bad guy he is now and then. He was once a nice fellow with a full set of charming black hair and was in desperate need of help. In Avenue Flo, he goes out of his way to provide the perfect life for his daughter Vicky, her husband Tony (who was also one of the chef that he almost destroyed his restaurant) and their twin children.


Mr. Big with an incorrectly sized suit that belongs to Bernie the Bookworm.

In his youth, Mr. Big had a full set of black hair, wore a green shirt with a brown jumper tied around his neck and had brown pants with a brown belt, he also has his black mustache which would grow with him in his adult years.

Mr. Big in Diner Dash (2014)

In his adult years, Mr. Big ceases to have his lush black hair with him and is now bald on top, his remaining hair is gray but his black mustache still remains loyal. He wears a dark blue business outfit with stripes and buttons and wears brown shoes.

Mr. Big has an extremely alternated appearance in Diner Dash (2014), taking the form of a tall and large man with the stereotypical features that include a mustache and the black-grayish hair. His signature outfit is a dark-gray business attire.

In Diner DASH Adventures, he keeps his tall build, though he seems a bit bulkier and his hair is now fully black with faded sideburns. His skin is more grayish and his mustache more curly. He wears a black business shirt with an orange tie and gray pants, while an orange monocle rests on his eye.


With Flo

Flo has always been the foil to Mr. Big's plans, much to his chagrin. However, he is willing to team up with her on certain occasions and tends to soften up.

With Quinn

Though they are not shown together much, Mr. Big tended to scold her a lot about his daughter's baby shower. However, he tries to help Quinn later when Vicky comes early to her surprise baby shower, though he accidentally makes it worse.

With Vicky

Mr. Big deeply cares for his daughter and is willing to do anything to keep her happy. This can cause him to be demanding with everybody else, since he wants everything to be perfect for Vicky.

With Tony

Initially, Mr. Big was disapproving of Vicky's relationship with Tony, but has grown to like him, stating that Tony is a "good guy" and that he "makes Victoria happy".


  • In the Avenue Flo series, he is voiced by Andrew Chaikin, also know as Kid Beyond.