Molly is the first of the 3 bridesmaids of Wedding Dash Ready, Aim, Love!


Wedding Dash 3



Molly is a starting guest for the game, she replaces Madison (or all the bridesmaids do respectively) as the well balanced guest of the game. She is patient, eats at a medium and is mildly liked. At the start of the Barnyard Venue the level introduces Molly's corresponding friends Nelly & Kelly, who are also bridesmaids and have the same stats as Molly. They always request to sit near one another and have a very high chance of going into a dance craze at the table if there are 2 bridesmaids sat together.


Molly has thin body, white skin and round head, she has short black hair with a yellow flower in it and wears a yellow dress.

Molly's body model is used for her friends Nelly and Kelly.


Molly is friendly woman who loves to party with her friends Nelly and Kelly, if they are sat next to each other one of them is likely to go out of control and in need of being clamed down. She is also flirtatious around Jason and if both are sat at the cocktail table you can score a flirt bonus.