Margarita is a friend of Flo and the owner and chef of her own Cantina.


Early life

Margarita was born and raised in Mexico by her parents who enjoyed skiing. As an adult, Margarita moved away to DinerTown, America to start her own Mexican Cantina restaurant. When Margarita arrived to DinerTown, she quickly made friends with resident Flo and learnt from her how to succeed in her restaurant, renting a space of land from the tycoon Mr. Big, Margarita then made her Cantina.

Flo to the Rescue

One day, Mr. Big had decided to reap the rights of Margarita and her other friends of their restaurants by raising the rent price. Flo had arrived to the scene and began working with her friends to accumulate the rent. After finishing helping Tony, Margarita was next on Flo's rescue list, after finishing the Mexican-scented environment, Flo ran to save Toshiro. But not before Margarita praised Flo for her help.

Winter Season

In Diner Dash Seasonal Snack Pack, Margarita and Flo are at a ski lodge during winter, and decide to spice up the holidays to everyone else with a little magic. Margarita is the chef for the restaurant. After finishing the winter, Flo and Margarita will celebrate the holidays.

Hotel Dash

When Quinn and Flo book the Alpine Ski Lodge Hotel for the vacation of Margarita's Parents they have to use the star bill currency to dress the platinum suite into something more better before they arrive. If Flo and Quinn successfully buy out the furnishings and complete the room, Margarita and her parents will be overjoyed, if they fail, their expressions will be full of anger and sadness.

She also appeared on DinerTown Detective Agency as a suspect and informant to various cases.


As a beautiful maiden hailing from Mexico, Margarita is a healthy, outgoing individual with a spicy attitude and personality. She is always willing to help out her friends in a crisis and is good chef of Mexican food.


Margarita has wavy brown hair and lightly brown skin, similar to a Mexican citizen, she also wears a red colored button shirt with dark grey pants and black shoes. She has large golden hoop earrings and beautiful green eyes.



Flo is Margarita's good friend, and has helped or been helped by Flo many times, she is by Flo's side when she needs company and will often serve Flo a salsa dinner on the house for her help.


Darla is another of Margarita's friends, and like all friendships, she helps and socializes with her.