Madison is a guest of Wedding Dash.


Wedding Dash 2


Madison in Wedding Dash 2

In Wedding Dash 2, Madison replaces Allison as the well-rounded starting guest, described as a fair young maiden, her constant dream-like state is only ever broken by Kathleen's crying disaster. Madison is mildly liked by guests and loves to sit at the heart table whenever available. Madison dances by shaking her body and arms side to side.

DinerTown Tycoon

Madison DinerTown Tycoon

Madison in DinerTown Tycoon

In DinerTown Tycoon, Madison appears a citizen of Bistro Bay who will eat meals with Dragon Well Tea, Snow Crab and Blue Fin Tuna, she rewards the player with a new advertisement choice. Madison then reappears in Champagne Falls and now eats meals with Lychee, Creme De Le Creme, and Black Perigourd Truffles. She will reward the player with $1000 to spend.


Madison has medium-lengthed brown hair that flows around her head, white skin and rosy cheeks, she also wears a teal coloured dress and teal high heels.

Her hair colour changes to teal to match her dress in DinerTown Tycoon.


Madison is a friendly girl that adores having quiet peace, she regularly likes to mingle with other guests as long as there is peace for her, she is often in a quiet daze that nothing can snap her out of.