Lynn, is Quinn's mother and a very important character of Wedding Dash.


Beauty Days


Quinn cannot tell the truth.

Lynn is natural born Texas citizen, in her young adult days she was a ms. Texas paegent queen, eventually she married and was pregnant with Quinn, whom would mark an important point in her life. Eventually Quinn grew into a charming beautiful woman just like her mother, proud and sad at the same time when Quinn moved away to DinerTown to start her independent life.

Quinn's Big News

When Quinn's love Joe proposed Quinn for marriage while still under the effects of a love arrow, the news spread and eventually found it's way to Lynn, who was excited to hear the news.


In Wedding Dash 4-Ever, Lynn and come down to DinerTown to stay with Quinn and Flo while she prepares the supposed wedding of Joe and Quinn and is excited to meet her future-so-in-law, unknown to Lynn the wedding isn't actually meant to be but Quinn did not have the heart to tell her, eventually Lynn tells her that her and her father are no longer together because of a supposed mistress, (who is actually a planner for Lynn's vow renews) when she learnt the truth, the ceremony spot that was originally for Quinn & Joe's wedding was used for Lynn and her husband's renewal of vows.


As a Texas maiden of beauty, Lynn is where Quinn gets her skills of charm, persuasion and friendship. like all mothers, she constantly worries for Quinn's welfare and is delighted to meet Joe whom Quinn would marry. She also enjoys family activities like Cooking, Cleaning and helping. She is also very good at keeping a bright happy face, even in the most saddest of times.


As Quinn's mother Lynn is where Quinn gets her looks from, she has puffy read hair like Quinn and a long curvy streak at the front, she wears a pearl necklace and a deep pink dress with frilly lace. Her oceanic blue eyes stand out with her beautiful looks. She is described as a beauty and is even a former ms. Texas.


With Quinn

As Lynn's daughter, her motherly bond with Quinn is very strong, she is often motherly to the now independent Quinn and often likes to spoil her rotten despite Quinn's constant objections.

With Flo

Flo is one of Lynn's many friends and likes to help Lynn out as Lynn does vice versa.

With Joe

Lynn was very excited to meet her future son-in-law and was intent on grandchildren, despite Joe not getting married to Quinn in 4-Ever, she was interested in a good friendship and made sure she didn't turn into a monster-in-law.