The Librarian is a type of customer who was introduced in Diner Dash 5. She has a unique mechanic which cancels noise disturbance from nearby noisy customers.


The Librarian, also known as Lani, first appeared in the fifth level of Thyme Square in Diner Dash 5. Like the Lawyer she is an impatient customer but tips well. She can also null all noise disturbance, such as the Lawyers' bickering, the Lovebirds' smooching, and the Cellphone Addicts' chatter. However her shushing is only effective if she's sat nearby. For instance, in Level 5 of Flo's Diner she cannot shush the first group of Cellphone Addicts seated at the fountain since they are separated by a wall, thus she will become annoyed instead.

Lani made another appearance in Avenue Flo Special Delivery. She is in charge of the DinerTown Library on Readmore Road. Though she isn't fond of breaking rules, she allows Flo to enter the backroom so she can find the mini-dessert cookbook needed to help Greta. When Flo returns to check-out the book with her library card, Lani informs Flo that her card is expired. Bernie offers to check out the book for Flo, but Lani is unable to use it until he finishes up his recent book. After Flo is able to make the library quieter for Bernie's speed-reading, he's able to finish the book, allowing Lani to finally check out the cookbook.


Lani is a light-skinned woman wearing glasses, round earrings, formal suit, and flats. Her grey hair is tied up in a bun, held up by two hair clips. Similar to Bernie, she is shown holding a book, flipping the page occasionally.


Lani is a friendly woman who, like Bernie, enjoys reading books. She seems quite passionate about the hobby, so much as to become a librarian. Though she holds a strict rule-following policy, she has a soft spot and may be swayed to break one rule if persuaded. She is also shown to possess a fair amount of tolerance at times, such as allowing Colin to speak on his cellphone in the library as long as he stays by the front door.


Diner Dash 5: BOOM!

Avenue Flo: Special Delivery