Kingston the Kid is a nice little youngster and older brother of Baby Bobbie. He represents the kids of Families. His parents are Duncan and Maggie.


​Diner Dash Series

Kingston is seen together with his family, making his appearance in the Diner Dash series.

The 2014 Diner Dash reboot makes him an extremely different person, and an impatient one. He dislikes listening to the jukebox, Sophie's opera singing voice, and mariachis; he only listens to his music on his headphones. He maintains his appearance in Cooking Dash (2016).

DinerTown Detective Agency

He's usually present as an informant for several cases.

Avenue Flo Special Delivery

Kingston is playing his handheld video game in the DinerTown Library, which is one of the obstacles hindering Bernie's speed-reading. In order to get him off the game, Flo has to get the book full of game cheats higher up on the bookshelf and give it to him. He will turn off his game to read the book.

Cooking Dash Series

His 2014 version appears in the Cooking Dash 2016 version. His special dish is the reuben sandwich.


Kingston is a child with short hair, overalls that overlap his white shirt, and reddish brown shoes.

Kingston's appearance in the 2014 Diner Dash reboot makes him exactly contrasting, from a toddler to a teenage adult. He has black hair, styled in a peek-a-bang on his left eye, and informally gray eyes. He wears a maroon, longs-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, black shoes, and a gray knit cap. He always goes around with his gray headphones on.


As a child, Kingston enjoyed playing games and spending time with his family. He shared moderate patience with them. Later as he grows into a young adult, he becomes a college student who grows fond of listening to music from his headphones, similar to Sammy the Student. He will become annoyed if he hears any outside music, which he considers "noise". Though highly impatient in Diner Dash 2014, he becomes more patient in Cooking Dash 2016.


  • In Diner Dash 2014, though Kingston hates other music, the player is forced to send mariachis to him since it is the required goal to beat one of the levels in Taco Gigante.




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