Kathleen is the daughter of Chloe and the only child guest of Wedding Dash.


Wedding Dash 2

At some point after the original game and before wedding 1-5 of the sequel Chloe was pregnant, in pregnancy state for 9 months and gave birth to Kathleen where she learned to grow up significantly fast for a toddler. Kathleen takes up most Chloe's time causing her popular status to reduce highly. Kathleen makes Chloe and her a paired guest and you'll need 2 seats to sit the girls. Kathleen is faster in every status department than her more patient mother and will often cry a very high ear-piercing scream if she is missing her pacifier and needs to be calmed down. The only guest that likes Kathleen besides her mom is the elderly Grandpa Norbert. Kathleen dances by shaking her body front and back.

Wedding Dash 4-Ever

In Wedding Dash 4-Ever, Kathleen and her mother are introduced as the cousin of the bride and the child ring bearer, Kathleen has aged a lot since her last appearance and is now a more responsible child, but being a kid, she loves to act out and will start food fights. Kathleen will do a dance called "The Bubbly Bounce" along with Chloe.


As Chloe is her mom, Kathleen takes a lot of her appearance from her (Kathleen's father is still a mystery) in Wedding Dash 2, Kathleen wears a small red dress and has her golden hair styled down with a red bow on her head, Kathleen resembles a small rag doll.

In 4-Ever, Kathleen has aged greatly into a child, her hair is more spunky and shorter and her eyes are blue. Her red dress is more spaced out


As a toddler, Kathleen is described as a small angelic girl with general needs as a baby, she also has a pacifier and will scream incredibly loud if it is missing. As a child Kathleen has aged and matured significantly but will create havoc and chaos by throwing her food.