Karma is a teenager full of spunk who is also the protagonist of Parking Dash.


Crummy Apartment Life

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Karma's boring life.

Karma was born and raised in the neighboring Donutville, living in a messy apartment, Karma was eventually summoned by an inheritance worker and discovered her unknown Uncle Henry had willed her his last plot of land which was in DinerTown.


Eager to inherit a supposed new building, Karma arrived to the worker who showed her the plot of land, which was not what she expected. Distraught, Karma began to weep on the side walk until Mr. Big approached Karma and offered to buy out her land so he could build a shop over it, however, the heroic Flo came running down and convinced her to make the land a parking lot instead. Mr. Big was not pleased and her adventures soon began.

Helpers that Help

Karma makes an appearance in Diner Dash 5 BOOM!, she is the first helper upgrade and will stand at the podium cheering the customers, her help is only for 1 per shift and she costed $20000. Karma was also at the grand reopening of Flo's Diner.

River of Angry Cars

Karma makes an appearance near the finale of Avenue Flo Special Delivery, Flo will ask Karma for her blue hat and gives it to her free of puzzle. Flo is shocked that she would give it to her freely and begins to question her state of reality, Karma will then ask if she needs a pinch.


As a spunky girl with an active job, Karma is always looking for adventure and loves the music of DinerTown's radio station. Karma is very courageous and likes to seek excitement but only on an appropriate level of safety.


Karma wears a red & white hat that fits on her gorgeous long black hair, she wears a beautiful purple tank top and jeans. Karma has very charming orange eyes and usually dons headphones for her love of radio.


With Flo

With Quinn

With Grandma

With Darla

With Mr. Big

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