Jason is a suave, charming and fast regular joe.


Wedding Dash 3

Jason is a starter guest of the game and replaces Uncle Charles as the starter guest that eats fast. He is patient, eats fast and is well-liked among guests especially the bridesmaids trio. In some levels it's necessary to get rid of Jason first. Jason will dance by shifting up & down fast while jiggling his upper body left & right and squaring his legs apart.

Soap Opera Dash

In Soap Opera Dash, Jason is the announcer at the awards ceremony at the end of the game, he announces that competitors from Rosie's show won the awards and nobody from Rosie's soap opera did, leaving the cast & crew sad and angry and even causing Quinn to outburst getting her removed from the ceremony.


Jason has white skin, skinny legs, and stylish blonde hair. He also wears a white tuxedo with a frilly shirt and long black pants and black shows, he also sports a black bowtie on his shirt. Jason's face model would later be used for Seth in 4-Ever.


As a charmer, it's no surprise Jason woos the girls, most noticeably the bridesmaids Molly, Nelly and Kelly. Jason lives a very fast life style and loves to dance.