The Indian Restaurant also known as Mystic Palace (Diner Dash Classic) or Vishnu's Garden Café (Diner Dash Remake) is the last restaurant of Diner Dash, it is an Indian themed eatery.


When Flo finished up in her Chez Flo restaurant, she was greeted by the Indian Goddess, who challenged her to 10 shifts in her restaurant, Flo accepted, and was turned into a goddess to help her with work load, the Indian Goddess loaned her the Indian Restaurant for the duration. When Flo completed the 10 trials, the goddess declared her the best waitress ever and whisked away to her restaurant.


As an Indian restaurant, the decor is themed to several pieces of Indian mythology, the tables are chair-sized hands and the tables are adorned with faces imprinted on them, the food and drinks are Indian-theme too.

On the outside, the entrance is a very large door with spikes and a heart shaped knob on the front, there are several giant fruits and foods on the sides, with all this suspended on a cloud. The entrance also appeared on top of a mysterious fountain, which had a shiva goddess on it.