Greg & Herb are a pair of friendly, dysfunctional twins.


Wedding Dash Series

Greg & Herb are introduced at the start of the Arabian Desert Venue of Wedding Dash 2, they are balanced in all areas. As twins, they are paired guests and require 2 seats. They both have a serious case of twin jealousy where one will become extremely angry very fast if they are not served food along with their brother. They dance by doing a jolly jig jog left and right.

Greg & Herb return in Wedding Dash Ready, Aim, Love! at the Boardwalk Venue, they have new green clothes and still have the jealousy streak in them. They bust out very stylish retro dance moves on the dance floor.

Avenue Flo

Laundry Valet

Their Laundry Valet truck.

In Avenue Flo, Greg & Herb are valet laundry men for the Laundromat, they can be found in the Avenue Flo district and will give Flo the bag needed to store the 100 butterflies. Their valet truck has their faces from Wedding Dash 2 imprinted on it.

In Special Delivery, Greg & Herb can be found outside the Laundromat where they have the dirty tablecloths that need to be cleaned. When Flo arrives to Bistro Bay, Greg & Herb along with their truck are one of the many citizens trapped in the waves of cars alongside the Bistro Bay bridge.



The Twins

Greg & Herb look exactly like each other and as such, both have the same appearance.

They have triangular heads and medium, luxurious red pony tailed hair down their backs, they also have sluggy red mustaches and pointy noses.

They both wear a white shirt, brown jacket and long green pants with black long shoes. In WD3, their skin is more tanned and their entire wardrobe is green, white and black.


Greg & Herb are friendly and inseparable. While they're average Joes and friendly guys with squeaky voices, they do have a jealousy issue and cannot be left to one thing while the other is left out. The only way to tell them apart is the direction they like to face when you look at them up front, Greg looks to the right and Herb looks to the left.