Florence's Groovy Disco, is the 5th and final restaurant of Diner Dash Hometown Hero. This is a special restaurant that Flo accidentally came there when the roller coaster travel to the past time. It is owned by her grandma during the 70s when was young and hip.



Florence unknowingly meets her granddaughter.

Built and managed by Florence- Flo's grandma in Flo's Hometown during the 1970s, the disco was the place for people to dance and enjoy their days while also getting something to eat. Managed by the disco diva Florence, it was falling on hard times, and Florence was becoming stressed and tired as a result, one night she was visited by a mysterious woman whom bore an uncanny resemblance to her. This mysterious woman was actually her future granddaughter who had come to help her because the disco would've been shut down. Flo's paradoxical intervention saved her grandmother's disco and is still up and standing.



The disco with several upgrades added


The disco's original state

Florence's Disco is a very large rectangular building, there is a grand entrance and a very large disco on the top with a large title logo. Inside, there are several restaurant tables on a flashing rainbow floor and very large dance floor in the back. The features of the restaurant can be altered when upgraded during the course of play in the game.