Doggie Dash is a time management game released in 2008.

The story starts with Rocky the dog and Wendy the cat who spent most of the time in the pet spa in DinerTown and fell in love with with each other. When the owners of the pet spa retired, they were separated and longing to see each other again. Rocky was adopted by Walter, who was a financially struggling pet lover while Wendy was adopted by Scarlett, a corporate woman looking for a business to grow. Rocky and Wendy set the reunion plan in motion by convincing each other's owners to team up and buy the abandoned pet spa and regain it's former state.

Flo and her pet dog Skillet also made appearances in some levels. They are friends with Walter and Scarlett and they help introducing new customer types to boost the pet spa business.

DoggieDash Intro

Introduction cut scene



In this game, players can choose to be either Walter or Scarlett, with each has a different advantage. While the controlled character is in charge of moving pets from station to station, the partner will be in charge of escorting the pets out to their owners. However, there will be some levels where the partner is not available, so either only Scarlett or Walter has to take over their partner's role.

Each dog and cat breed have different levels of patience and time spent on each stations. Bonus points are awarded for swapping a cat or dog on the same station as well as putting the same type of pet at the same station.

Customer Types


  • Abyssinian
  • Main Coon
  • Manx
  • Persian - Slow and patient
  • Rag doll
  • American Short-hair
  • Siamese - Not patient and very fast


  • Beagle
  • Dasheund - Slow and patient
  • German Shepard
  • Golden Retriever
  • Poodle - Not patient and very fast
  • Shih Tzu - Not patient and very fast, will make noise when impatient
  • Yorkshire Terrier - Not patient and very fast, will make noise when impatient