Diner Dash Grilling Green is a 2010 strategy and time-management video game developed by PlayFirst for Android and iOS devices.

It is a sequel to the Diner Dash series, unlike Diner Dash Classic and Diner Dash: Sizzle & Serve.

The game was removed from the iTunes App Store and Google Play following the release of the 2014 reboot.


The story takes place after either Diner Dash 4: Hometown Hero or Cooking Dash (due to Flo's Diner looking similar to how it was before the events of Diner Dash 5: BOOM!).

Flo and Grandma Florence are seen outside the diner with Flo installing a solar powered (green friendly) sign in order to match up with other restaurants in the area and making it the start of green powered equipment in the diner. Flo falls as she's installing it only to see Seymour the Senior whom tells her that she has to install green/earth friendly equipment or else she would have to shut down her diner after she asks why he is so early. He apologizes but says that he is just doing his job.

The game starts in Flo's Diner where Flo with the her of her Grandma have to serve customers and collect money for getting green friendly equipment.


Gameplay is generally the same as Diner Dash and Diner Dash Classic with a few additional features:

  • Now customer's will have a requested food type which appears in a speech bubble above them.
  • Players can merge orders if they're of the same food type so Grandma Florence can speed up the process.


Customer Types

There are 4 types of characters in the game:

  • Young Lady – Doesn’t mind waiting and leaves decent tips
  • Business Woman – Very impatient, but leaves great tips
  • Kindly Senior – Extra patient, but he’s a slow eater
  • Mr. Hot-Shot – Fast eater, great tipper, but will demand fast service