Diner Dash: Sizzle & Serve is a 2007 strategy and time-management video game developed by PlayFirst and published by Eidos Interactive for the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable.

It is a remake of the 2003 PC video game Diner Dash. This version features several key differences, mainly a different art style (redrawn restaurant and character art sprites) and new unique music tracks per restaurant, among other things. The game's main features and plot premise are generally the same as the original game.[1]


Generally the same plot premise as Diner Dash


The gameplay is generally the same as the original game, however, controls were adapted for the PlayStation Portable to be usable with the trigger buttons, d-pad, and the circular face buttons.

The Nintendo DS version features touch controls in the bottom display and an expanded HUD in the upper display.


  • Graphics were redrawn for characters and levels.
  • Music was changed, the main track was remixed and new tracks were added for each stage; unlike the original game which had 2 tracks for all restaurants/level such as Flo's Mexican having Mexican music and Indian Restaurant having a piece of Indian themed music.
  • Diners were changed drastically, 2 having been replaced; Flo's Tiki Palace got replaced with Flo's Mexican and Chez Flo was replaced with Retro.
  • Players have the ability to choose what kind of upgrades they want to have for the Diners, unlike the original game which had fixed automatic upgrades.
  • There is a competitive multiplayer mode.
  • More customer types.


Customer Types



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