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Diner DASH Adventures, previously known as Diner DASH Town, is a time management/design game released by Glu Mobile. It takes place after Cooking Dash (2016).


Flo returns to DinerTown after starring on the popular television show COOKING DASH. However, she is shocked to find her beloved home in a bad way! After meeting with a distressed Cookie, she teams up with him to help repair the Greasy Spoon. She then goes around town to restore its venues, while helping old and new friends along the way. Meanwhile, Mr. Big and his goons try their hardest to hinder Flo's progress from the shadows.


One of the main goals in the game is to bring life back to different parts of DinerTown. In order to do so, the player must guide Flo through different venues and earn stars. Stars are needed to complete tasks, which in turn progress the story. Keys are a secondary currency that can be used to unlock certain items for the town.

So far, Diner Dash Adventures contains gameplay elements from both the original Diner Dash and Hotel Dash for various venues. All venues have different upgrades and gimmicks of their own. Upgrades are vital in completing future levels, which can be bought with coins and gems. As the game progresses, upgrades will become more expensive. Upgrading food items increase the coins earned, while upgrading customers increases the number of hearts earned. Upgrading the equipment increases its speed and improves productivity.

Additionally, the player is able to unlock various customizable outfits for Flo and the customers. The Greasy Spoon Outfit and Baseball Cap are initially unlocked for Flo, while the rest must be unlocked with the use of either Keys or Gems.


Main Characters




The Greasy Spoon Diner

Cookie's restaurant once again acts as the first level the player encounters.

DinerTown Inn

A worn-down hotel bought by Gladys. Flo joins her to bring it back to its former glory.

Trout of This World

A rusty fish shack now in the hands of Barb's husband, Gil. Flo helps raise money to repair the shack.

Just Cruise Inn

A luxurious cruise which was captained by narcissist Devon Aire. However, Norbert has taken the helm and now tends to the ship's groovy hotel.

Florence's Snack Shoppe

Gramma Florence's old carnival venue, which was swiped by Mr. Big while she was away. Now that she has returned, she wishes to reclaim it with her granddaughter's help.

Chez Petisserie

Previously an abandoned building within the zoo, Queenie and Flo have transformed it into a bakery. As the owner, Queenie bakes a wide assortment of baked goods and desserts, making her mother proud.

Treehouse Teahouse

Flo helps Barb make a hotel out of a giant artificially enlarged tree. Meanwhile, she tries to get the hard-working Barb to relax more often.

Game of Thorns

A side venue which can only be accessed every other week, when the Game of Thorns event is active. Flo is searching through her grandmother's Victorian mansion, which is covered in a mass of thorns, created by Mr Big's "Big Beam". The currency needed to complete tasks for this venue used to be "grandma's cookies", but has since been replaced by "sunflowers". However, cookies are still used as a point system for the online leaderboard.

Shakes' Food Truck

Another special weekly event where Flo helps Shakes manage his food truck. The player has to collect as many Shakes bucks as they can. This event also has a leaderboard which rewards players who participate.

Shiver Me Timbers

Similar to Game of Thorns, taking place in Trout of This World. The story starts with Cookie's frozen houseboat thanks to Operation: Freeze Laser. Currency is similar to Grandma's cookies, except they have Cookie's face on them, depicting him as a pirate with a hat and eyepatch.

Minnie's Food Truck

Similar to Shake's Food Truck, full of a variety of fusion foods.

Special Collect-A-Thon Events

  • Palentine's Day
  • Beatrix's Day Off
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Change of Hart
  • Party On, Flo!
  • A Big Splash
  • License to Drill
  • Hashtag Success
  • The Fright Stuff
  • Home for the Harvest
  • Twelve Days of Business
  • S'more Than Friends
  • The Art of Spying
  • April Fools in Love
  • Chillin' like a Villain
  • Father TIme
  • Rogue's Gallery




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