Diane is a wedding guest of Wedding Dash.


Wedding Dash

Diane's first appearance is Wedding Dash, she has been introduced as the 3rd guest. Diane is the best friend
Diane DinerTown Tycoon

Diane as of DinerTown Tycoon

of the Bride and semi-moderately popular in both games. In Wedding Dash she is the slowest eater but the most
Diane's Appetizer

Always serve Diane first.

patient making her comparable to Seymour of Diner Dash. Because Diane is very slow she must be served first. In both games she dances by shifting her arms up and down while shaking her body. Diane's head and body is also one of the randomized bride options.

Diane's second appearance is the sequel game of Wedding Dash, once again she is introduced as the 3rd guest and is still slow to eat but patient. Her title of slowest eater has been taken by Grandpa Norbert.

Diane is replaced by Zoe the hippy as the slow eating patient friend of the bride.

DinerTown Tycoon

Diane appears as one of the citizens of Bistro Bay, she enjoys food with European Cruelty Free Veal, Moon Ripened Avocado and Savoy Cabbage and will reward the player with $600 after completing her requirement.

Avenue Flo

In Avenue Flo, Diane has been given a voice and lives in an apartment right next to Flo's Diner, her hair is coloured brown. Diane's involvement is a series of tasks that involves a red bottle of dye stuck in a tree near the window of her apartment, Diane is unable to open her window and needs Flo's help with finding an oil can. The oil can is found by Derek who is depressed, if Flo gives him coffee she can give the oil can to Diane who then retrieves to bottle in the tree for Flo. There are also hints that she fancies Derek.

Soap Opera Dash

Diane appears in Soap Opera Dash as a make up artist expert. She is introduced in one of 4th set levels along with Betty. Diane can be hired for the day for $20000 dollars. Like Betty, her assistance is really unneeded due to chaining. Diane is not introduced by name and is instead called the make-up artist.



Diane's regular appearance.

Diane wears an indigo dress and black long socks along with indigo high heels. Her hair is black and

Diane in Avenue Flo.

curled in some places and her skin is brown. In Soap Opera dash she wears red lipstick and has long golden earrings and her hair is brown.

In Avenue Flo her appearance changed greatly, she was tweaked to look more of Diner Dashs' animation and her skin was much lighter, her dress was dark blue along with her hair and she no longer wore earrings.


Diane is a friendly and cheerful woman that can wait around, she takes her time finishing her food and liked by other guests moderatly. She is shown to be flirtous in Avenue Flo and fancies Derek greatly.