Derek is a suave, cool bachelor and an introduced guest of Wedding Dash.


Wedding Dash



Wedding Dash 1 is Derek's first appearance, he is introduced in the tutorial level of the game and

Derek in Wedding Dash 4

continues to make appearances at the rest of the levels. He is a suave bachelor who is very popular with the female guests, he is eats moderatly and is patient at a medium. Once on the dance floor, he will start doing a variation of the twist.

In Wedding Dash, Derek returns in the starter of the second venue as the cool ladies' man that women want. Nothing has changed about him.

In Wedding Dash 4-Ever, Derek returns to the series with an upgraded appearance, he is once again introduced as a starting guest and is mildly popular with women. He performs a dance called "The Smooth Strutter."

DinerTown Tycoon

Derek DinerTown Tycoon

Derek in DinerTown Tycoon.

In DinerTown Tycoon, Derek is introduced in the Avenue Flo district of town he enjoys eating foods with Organic Jumbo Carrot, Chilean Limes, and Organic Spudville Potatoes, he rewards the player with a new advertisement option for hire.

Avenue Flo


Derek in Avenue Flo.

In both games of Avenue Flo, Derek has been given a voice, in the first game, he can be found on streetside of Avenue Florida looking depressed, Flo can give him coffee from the diner to rejuvenate his mood and make

Derek in the Cake-o-matic training video.

him happy again, Flo can then collect the oil can from him to give to Diane who fancies Derek a lot. He disappears after returning to Avenue Florida having gone to prepare for the wedding. Derek can also be seen in a video instruction tape for the Cake-o-matic machine.

In Special Delivery, Derek can be found outside the balcony of his apartment hanging clothes, If Flo gives him the strong binder clips from the library Derek can hang his washing up, he will also hang up Tipper the Tourists' lucky striped sock which was mixed up in the laundromat.