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Diner Dash is a series of game developed and published by GameLab and PlayFirst and released on December 3, 2003. Since then, there has been numerous Sequels and Spin-Offs based on the series, such as the Wedding Dash series and the Cooking Dash series.

The original game was at least remade 3 times, once for the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable handheld in 2007 with a different art style, for consoles with completely remade graphics and gameplay in 3D for the Xbox 360, Wii and PS3, while maintaining the original art style and one last time for Mobile (iOS and Android) as Diner Dash Classic in 2012 with remastered graphics.

The latest game in the series, which is a reboot of the original Diner Dash achieved an estimation of over 10 million downloads (in Google Play), making it among one of the most popular mobile games.

Game background

Diner Dash begins with Flo getting fed up with her job and leaving office only to find a restaurant for rent which she purchases and goes on a journey of opening successful set of restaurants.

In Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue Flo is on a journey in which she helps fellow restaurant owners and rescues their restaurants.

Diner Dash

Original Series


Remakes & Remasters


Cooking Dash

Wedding Dash

Wedding Dash is the second popular series of all Dash series, WD focuses on a wedding planner Quinn who incidentally starts making more and more couples happy by planning their wedding with assistance from Flo.

Avenue Flo


Hotel Dash

Other games

Other games were also created thanks to the success of the Diner Dash series and its subseries of spin offs, these games however did not receive sequels.

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