Dairy Dash was released on June 2008 follows Mr. Smith and his family, Mrs. Smith and their children Emily and Ethan to run their farm.


Uncle Bill is about to lose his farm, but his family decides to assist him in the new time management game Dairy Dash! Feed the animals and harvest milk, wool and eggs. In later levels, goat's milk can be processed to cheese before selling. Grow all kinds of vegetables, work until the rooster crows and drink some lemonade if you're out of energy. No one said working on a farm was easy!

There were also threats like wolves and crows to be wary of, so the dog has to be called to shoo them away.

In some levels there were mini games of harvesting fruits at the orchard and at the festival, where players have to match three of the same item to score.

The game ends with Uncle Bill congratulating the Smiths for their hard work and announced his retirement. He left all the farm to the family and they are excited to continue running to provide organic produce to DinerTown.