Cupid, is the angel of love and a character of Wedding Dash 3.


Verge of Unemployment


Cupid's employer is not happy.

Cupid has flown into DinerTown for some coffee after getting a call that he will be fired at his employment as Cupid if he cannot complete his list of match-making targets. Upon heading inside; Quinn asks him to help shoot her friend Joe so that he'll fall in love with her, with Quinn providing him with targets to shoot for his employer.

Arrow of Love

After finishing their time at the DinerTown Aquarium, Quinn discovers Cupid has been personally trying shoot Flo so she'll fall in love with him for months but has been unsuccessful at it, Joe accidentally bumps into him, backfiring the shot onto an eel.

Back at the Barnyard

Cupid flies off to give Quinn and Joe some time alone and tries to shoot Flo again. But a bump from a stack of hay causes him to fire his arrow at a stack of plates Flo is holding, which bounce off and strikes a bird.


Cupid is able to shoot Joe for Quinn, who is proposed too. While accidently getting shocked by Quinn beforehand, his arrow missfires and hits a Ferris Wheel conductor.

Top of the World

Sky High



Cupid, with his wings on a stack of pancakes.

Cupid is goofy and sometimes has his head in the clouds (literally). Despite his goofyness and tendency to slop around he has a very good heart and can come through to reach his goals.

Cupid has shown to have excellent archery skills when not side-swiped by a distraction or an issue. He does however have an occasional missfire.


Cupid is small, has small wings that provide levitation and appears surpisingly young for his senior-ish appearance.

He wears a white shirt with a black necktie, grey pants with brown shoes, and wears black oval glasses. His head is shaped like a bean, he has a puffy tuft of hair on the yop of his head and cloudy hair on the back of his head. He also has 5-o' clock shadow on his face.

Cupid accidentally misfires his arrow.

His wings are cartoonishly feather shaped with 6 streams and he wields a gold bow with black string and red plunger arrows.


With Quinn

Cupid enters into a friendly partnership with Quinn throughout the course of the game, with both their skills helping each other perfectly, their friendship grows slowly as the game progresses.

With Flo

Cupid loves Flo, too much that he invariably creates a small situation in order to shoot her with an arrow of love. His successful shot at her proves incredibly disastrous, and she ends up falling in love with a plate of food. Although they remain good friends with each other, Flo was not happy with him after getting shot in the rear with an arrow.