The Cruise Ship is the first restaurant of Diner Dash Flo on the Go. It has a view of the ocean it rides on as well as the crescent island where the final restaurant sleeps.



The Cruisehip Restaurant

When Flo and Darla arrived to the Cruiseship in order to start their vacation,

The Cruiseship

several angry former staff left the ship in a riot, which knocked Flo's suitcase in the water where it drowned. Bummed, they decided to eat at the restaurant on the ship where they witnessed the poorly trained staff first hand. After Flo saved the tray of a goofy waiter, the captain of the ship hired Flo and Darla (who was unenthusiastic about it) along with refunding their tickets and paying for their help. Eventually, the cruise ship was brand new and rejuvenated with their help. Flo and Darla then left to find another vacation spot.


While the majority of appearance took place in the restaurant, other areas such as the deck and side hallway were seen. The restaurant itself is outside along with the counter and grill, there is a lower deck from the restaurant with a pool, long chairs and palm plants.


  • Flo - Waitress
  • Darla - Chef
  • Other Waiters - Minor Waiters/Waitresses