Betty is a guest of Wedding Dash who has made several appearances outside the series.


Wedding Dash



Betty is introduced on the Cruiseship Venue of Wedding Dash, she is extremely unpopular to the point you have to seat table request guests next to her to lighten the load of people who don't want to sit next to her. Only Uncle Bob requests to sit next to her on the final level of the game.

Avenue Flo

In Avenue Flo, Betty (with a voice) owns a beauty salon in the Avenue Flo district of DinerTown, she is
Betty's Salon 2

Betty is missing the royal ruby red hair dye.

trying to find the missing royal ruby red hair dye for the bridesmaids hair, Flo can find the missing bottle in a tree near Diane's apartment and eventually retrieves the bottle for her. After giving the bottle to Betty she will allow Flo to use the window curtains of her salon as train for Vicky Big's dress. When Flo returns to the avenue to find Bernie, the salon and other buildings will be locked.

Soap Opera Dash

In Soap Opera Dash, Betty (named the Hair Stylist) is introduced in the 4th studio along with Diane who does make-up. Betty, like other helpers, can be hired for $20000, but most players skip out on her and Diane due to chaining interference.


Betty has tanned skin with flat-round black hair and red eyes. She wears a red polka-dotted dress and red heels. She also has a golden pendant around her neck.


Because of Betty's snobbish attitude most people don't like her a lot, this is only exhibited in Wedding Dash as it is the only one of the series she appears in. In Avenue Flo she runs a salon and doesn't have her snobby attitude anymore. She could mostly be associated with Diane as in Avenue Flo her quest is tracked to Diane's quest and in Soap Opera Dash they both appear together as purchasable help.