Bench is a piece of equipment used in Diner Dash 2 & 5.


The bench, like the podium, is used for people in the line. Appearing on the side, if you drag a group of customers on it, their patience will triple. The bench is most effective when used on impatient customers like the Businesswoman or Cellphone Addicts.


Restaurant Rescue

The bench's first appearance to the series, the bench also frees the space slot in which the customer you dragged was. There is also an upgrade in Endless Shift which makes the bench golden, gives quintuple the patience and looks like a lounge couch.

Hometown Hero

The bench reappears in Diner Dash 4, still being in the same use, it is often a very good idea to sit the first impatient customer type. The bench can also be upgraded to mitigate more impatience, but it still remains it's red self.