Bella is a one time character of Wedding Dash.


Bella was a one time character of Wedding Dash, she was a top ranked contestant of Mr. Bigger's competition. In her first appearance, she originally questioned Quinn about Joe talking up with Adriana, she also scolded another contestant for the accusation that another competitor was cheating out the others. In one of the Finland weddings Quinn began thinking Bella was responsible for the disasters, this intuition turned out to be correct after the Finland finals, now revealed as the one cheating off the others, Quinn & Bella faced off in the elimination rounds in Thailand. When the winner of the competition was announced Bella yelled at Mr. Bigger because she thought Quinn won only because of Joe. Bella than said she would do Adriana's wedding no matter who the man was, she was left broken down along with Quinn and Mr. Bigger.


Bella wears a royal red dress and medium skirt over her thin body, her brown hair is tied into a long flowing ponytail. She also wears small oval glasses and long black heel boots.


First appearing herself to be another contestant plagued by the mysterious disasters happening it was eventually revealed that Bella herself was the one responsible, by hiring Patrick the troublemaker, stealing Kathleen's pacifier and tripping over waitresses. She is a greedy, snobby and possibly psychopathic woman who wants to win the competition all by herself.