Beach Shack at the Boardwalk is the penultimate restaurant of Hometown Hero.


Located near the beach is a small eatery in a shack, Flo and Grandma went to visit the park to have some funnel cake before leaving town. Unfortunately, the park was not it supposed to be. After parking their car. Flo also noticed Florence's Groovy Disco located nearby that was run down.Grandma explained that she could not keep the business afloat, hence the place was shut down can converted into a parking lot. After seeing the poor condition of the park, they serve several people that arrive at the Amusement Park to turn things around.


The decorations are fit to theme that of a carnival. There is also a roller coaster that, until fixed will cause disturbance to customers. As the park slowly comes back to life more people will come and a new ride is installed.


  • Flo - Waitress
  • Grandma Florence - Chef