Avenue Flo: Special Delivery is the sequel to Avenue Flo that is released on December 14, 2010. The game takes place just before her baby shower takes place Vicky goes missing and all of the decorations are ruined by a pack of dogs. It is up to Flo to once again save the day.


Similar to the first edition, Flo has to explore around town to accomplish tasks in the neighborhood. Flo has to interact with the residents to help locate the missing items and as well as find balloons around the neighborhood. Most tasks involve some of the tasks to be completed before accomplishing them. There are also some puzzles and mini games included.

The Napkin has the list of all the tasks that need to be completed in the game. It will update once the task is completed or after talking to some of the characters. Using the map will help players to see which locations that have been explored and the tasks that were completed.


Avenue Flo

Yum Yum Square

  • Stella the Senior, who owns the bakery.
  • Wilson, who works at the day care.
  • Tina the Teenager, who works at the snow cone stall.
  • Jo the Jogger
  • Norbert, who owns the grocery store
  • Officer Otto, the policeman who arrested Grandma
  • Harmony, who runs the Art Gallery
  • Girl Sprouts

Bistro Bay


  • Although all three neighborhoods are similar to the first edition, almost all the buildings are different as Flo ventures to the other side of each of the neighborhood to fit the story line.
  • Uncle Ernie's bus route changed from the first edition and he is relocated to Bistro Bay. In this edition no token is needed to take a bus trip. There is no Gold token in this edition.
  • A number of characters have switched jobs after Avenue Flo.