Allison is the second guest to ever appear in Wedding Dash and has only ever made one appearance.


Wedding Dash


Allison's introduction



In Allison's only appearance, she is comparable to Rosie of Diner Dash as both are balanced people of their respective appearances. Allison is the cousin of the Bride and is perfectly balanced, she is moderately patient, eats moderately and is moderately popular with the other guests. When she goes to the dance floor she will bop her body and hands side to side.

Allison is replaced by Madison in Wedding Dash 2 as the moderate girl.


Allison is a slim figure and wears a medium blue v-neck dress and blue heels, she has spiky laid back hair that is brown and has tan skin. She also wears red lipstick and purple eyeliner. She also holds a purple purse with her.


Allison is charming young woman and cousin of the bride, being perfectly balanced in all areas, she is liked mostly by Uncle Al and vice versa.