Adriana is a one time character from Wedding Dash 2.



Adriana, behind her father.

Not much is known about the beautiful Adriana but she appears as the daughter to the top big wig Mr. Bigger, who had created a competition for the wedding planner to plan her wedding to a young man from a neighboring company to symbolize a merger. Adriana did not want to go through with this, but she was too afraid to tell her father. During the competition, she met and began a small blooming relationship with Joe Wright, who was the photographer for Quinn, a contestant.

At the announcing of Thailand, Adriana was finally able to tell her father she did not want to go through with this and instead fell in love with Joe. In the last scene of the game, Adriana is cuddling Joe, whilst Quinn, Bella and Mr. Bigger are distraught.

She has not appeared again or is never mentioned ever again, leading to the assumption Joe & Adriana broke it off.


Adriana is a think woman who wears a lovely golden dress and high heels, her lush, golden hair is tied back into a large bun, she also carries a purse with her.


Through her one appearance, Adriana has shown much personality, when talking with Joe and Quinn she reveals she doesn't want to marry but is not confident enough to tell her father. By the end of the game, Adriana becomes an independent woman and finally tells her father the truth, leaving him broken up and placing her in the arms of Joe.